My Philosophy: Anything is possible one step at a time.

Hi! I am Emily Palmgren, owner of Fits & Spurts, a subsidiary of METS Group Inc. that focuses solely SMB space. I am so excited that you have found my little site in this big world wide web. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions you have. I absolutely love working with entrepreneurs. There is nothing better than having a vision and making it a reality. 

To give you a bit of my background and what brought me here, my career began in financial services where I had the pleasure of helping individuals and organizations reach their goals through thoughtful planning and consistent action; making investment choices less intimidating and easy to understand. 

I've taken the underlying passion of listening to understand, with the ability to see what is possible and have become a trusted advisor to business owners both new and established.  Marrying process with technology, I find solutions that are cost-effective and dynamic, yet simple.

Each client is unique, yet they share common concerns: cost, quality, and ownership.  Often, business owners don't want to take on full-time staff to manage their technology or digital marketing needs. I'm able to jump in and help with a concentrated effort so clients can focus on what they enjoy and do best. My goal is to understand what is needed to move forward and then champion clients on in a way that fits their ideals.

Spurts of productivity to fit your business needs!