Business Solutions


KISP (Keep It Simple People)

Systems and process are key.  Whether you need to streamline your email system, build a client data management system, or improve your internal process, we can help review your challenges to see what is possible.

Email Migration - I use Office 365 cloud services.  The goal is to get you in one centralized, easy to use and maintain environment.  Streamlining costs is key without compromising on quality.


Get rid of the "Data Junk Drawer" - Digital Hoarding is a thing.  It's ok if you have a lot of it as long as you can actually use it.  We build systems that help you use your data in a meaningful way. 


Product / Project Launch - If you are small, you can't afford to hire a full time project manager but sometimes you are so close to "it" that you loose site of the overall process.  I will help you map it out and keep you on task for a productive launch.


Social Media Campaigns - Build a library of content and a schedule for release that meets your marketing goals and special events timeline. Simple, cost effective, and fun!  That's what I like...that's what we do.