Web Design & Management


Websites That Fit Your Needs Now & As You Grow

Today business owners need a website but often times they are so busy, they don't have time to create and manage it on their own.  I make it simple by building beautiful, customized, easy to manage sites that live on reliable hosted services.  What does this mean?  It means you get a high quality, secure, easy to maintain site at an affordable price.

Our Process

Discovery Phase - This is when I get to hear all about what you do: Who is your target market, what is your product or service, why are you awesome, who are your competitors, what sets you apart.  It is my job to listen and discover how you want your site to feel, look, and function.


Mood Board - From our interview I design a mood board which is a visual layout of images, textures, and fonts that represent what I thought I heard you say "visually". Mood boards are wonderful because it lets me show you an image and ask "is this what you meant?"  With a mood board you will know instantly if it gives you the feeling you want your site to convey.


Wireframe - Once our mood board is complete, it's time to lay out flow and function.  A wire frame helps us to make sure we have all the elements needed for your site to be easily used by your customers. 


Gathering Content - If you have your content, your build will save money and time.  Images and content are key. This is the stage where we gather the goods and make sure your messaging is on target.


Design & Build - A design to fit your style and needs, mobile friendly, and SEO set.  I do three reviews with you to make sure you love it.  


Launch - Time to take your site live. After your site is live, you are not on your own. Your site is yours but if you need help I am here at a per hour support rate.